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Magento 2 Reindex Extension

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Magneto 2 Reindex Extension helps the admin to reindex backend data without any help from the developer. Due to lots of merchant’s data all information catalog data, prices, users, stores gather in the database table. To improve store performance Reindex Magento 2 extension compile all table data.


Through reindex Magento 2 Extension, you can easily and quickly update individual or all indexes from within your Magento admin. Through reindex Magento 2 Extension, store owners can reindex their data with just one click. Right from the admin backend, you can click on ‘select all’ or ‘unselect all’ or ‘select’ or ‘unselect visible’ quickly for reindexing.

That’s how you can save a lot of your time instead of manually updating the store information. You can always contact Cynoinfotech for reindexing your store’s mass information easily from the backend.

For example, some of the typical indexes are:

Customer Grid: Rebuilding the customer grid index

Category Products: Indexing the categories or product associations

Product Categories: Indexing the products as per their category

Product Price: Indexing the prices with the respective product

Stock: Indexing the stock

Reindexing data without SSH access

Usually, store owners cannot reindex Magento 2 data without SSH access. However, for the extension, it is not necessary to have SSH access which may require technical skills. You can easily reindex your Magento 2 store data and program it quickly with less time and effort.

Checking the live status of reindexing

Through reindex Magento 2 Extension, you can easily track the live status and possible errors of each indexer in a handy grid. In the ‘Status’ column you can check out the stage of reindexing- in which status the particular indexer is right now.

Running Magento 2 data reindex for auto-saving mode

Magento 2 Reindex Extension serves the best with the auto-saving and reindexing mode. In other words, this extension reindexes the data automatically as you save the data changes. Through this, you will be able to deliver the latest information to your audiences quickly without leaving any space for misunderstanding. This will, in turn, improve customer loyalty and strengthen your customer base. Choose this extension if you have to change the information about your product too often.

In past Magento indexing is dependent on indexer.php. Now in Magneto 2 data is managed by the bin/magento

php bin/magento indexer:status
php bin/magento indexer:info
php bin/magento indexer:reindex

Using Reindex Magento 2 extension admin can manage and reindex data no need to remember this above any commands. Reindex Magneto 2 Extension can change the valid status of backend data.


  • Admin can easy to reindex the backend
  • The status of valid data can automatically change
  • Easy to use and install by admin
  • Working with all Magneto 2 family


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