Use The Headless Mode For Your Magento 2 Store

We build Magento 2 headless commerce operations by providing an all-inclusive platform built for flawless integration and outstanding performance. We take care of the technical complexities, providing a solution that enhances user experience and boosts SEO. By leveraging modern technologies like Next.js and Tailwinds, CynoInfotech ensures your store runs smoothly and efficiently.

We handle the technical challenges and deliver a solution that improves user experience and search engine optimization. Cynoinfotech uses the latest technologies like Tailwind and Next.js to ensure your store functions properly. When you choose our platform, you’re not just acquiring a tool; you’re joining a network dedicated to continuous enhancement and cutting-edge innovation.

FrontEnd NextJs – BackEnd Magento 2 – Connect Via GraphQL

We will help you get there. Headless commerce is the way of the future for online shopping.


Modern Development Approach


React Ecosystem

Leverage the power of React, a popular JavaScript library, for building user interfaces. A vast ecosystem of libraries and tools, such as Redux for state management and React Router for navigation, complement React’s core capabilities.


API-First Approach

Utilize Magento’s GraphQL APIs to fetch data efficiently, reducing server load and improving performance. Unlike REST APIs that have multiple endpoints for different resources, GraphQL uses a single endpoint to query multiple resources. This simplifies the API structure and reduces the complexity of managing multiple endpoints.


Tailwind CSS

The utility-first CSS framework Tailwind allows programmers to use utility classes to style applications inside HTML structures. Tailwind ensures responsiveness and consistent design.

Our Magento 2 Headless E-Commerce Services

Architecture Led By Performance

The architecture of your online business is essential to provide outstanding speed and a flawless customer experience in the quickly changing world of
e-commerce. Magento 2 headless eCommerce performance-driven architecture guarantees that your e-commerce platform can meet the needs of your expanding business with a strong, scalable solution and quick page loads.

ReactJs & NextJs

Tailwind, TypeScript & More

MySQL, MongoDB & More

Magento 2 Headless NextJs Theme

Magento 2 NextJs theme blends the cutting-edge, quick, and incredibly responsive NextJs frontend framework with the powerful e-commerce features of Magento 2. This connection provides e-commerce companies wishing to improve their online presence with a high-performing, scalable, and adaptable solution.

Next.js uses server-side rendering to deliver content faster, which improves initial page load times.

Adopting a Magento 2 Next.js theme can significantly enhance your e-commerce site’s performance, user experience, and SEO, providing you with a competitive edge in the digital marketplace. By leveraging modern web technologies, you can deliver a fast, responsive, and engaging shopping experience to your customers.

E-Commerce Headless Development

Cynoinfotech will build a powerful eCommerce site with all the features you need to make your task easier. We meet your demands by creating a custom solution that meets your requirements.

Magento 2 Headless E-Commerce Support

  • To ensure a seamless and fruitful user experience, CynoInfotech provides professional support, personalized customer help, and a cooperative that exchanges information and experiences.
  • Our team ensures the quality and integrity of our headless solutions by conducting thorough Quality Assurance testing by industry best practices.
  • We fulfill your needs by using Headless Services to develop a custom solution that satisfies your requirements.
  • We guarantee enhanced user experience, better performance, and higher conversion rates through diligent design, integration, testing, and optimization processes.

Leverage Your Business With Our Expertise In E-Commerce.

You may integrate with headless Magento 2 eCommerce to boost sales for your business.

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