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Magento 2.3.X, 2.4.X

Magento 2 Catalog Permissions

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Category And Its Assigned Product For Customer Groups Only Access
Magento 2 Category Restriction Extension

Magento 2 Catalog Permissions extension allows the store admin to limit the permission of categories, and CMS pages for specific customer groups. Admin can restrict permission to a particular catalog for a particular customer group. This extension helps the admin to restrict permission to particular CMS pages of the website for any customer groups.

  • Restrict categories and CMS pages for customer groups
  • Limit the permission of categories, and CMS pages for specific customer groups
  • Hide particular catalog for the particular customer group
  • Restrict particular CMS pages for any customer groups
  • Restrict permission of category and on its subcategories
  • Notify customers of the error message for category restriction
  • Redirect non-login customers to specific pages

In the eCommerce website, the merchant always thinks about restricting some of the categories for some customer groups. Also, the store admin likes to add functionality on his website that if the customer wants to see some of the categories or products on the website then they should be redirected to the registration page. Magento 2 Catalog Permissions extension by CynoInfotech helps the merchant to restrict categories and CMS pages for customer groups.

Magento 2 Catalog Permissions extension also provides the functionality to apply for catalog permission on parent category and on its subcategories. So admin can restrict permission of category and on its subcategories for specific customer groups, non-login customers, wholesalers, and retailers.

Due to store admin restrictions on a particular category, the customer gets a notification with the error message “You don’t have permission to view this URL”. This error message can be customized by the admin.

This extension helps to redirect non-login customers from the restricted catalog elements to specific pages i.e. 404 pages or other pages. So the customer needs to log in/registered on the website to view categories and restricted category products.


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